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A Melbourne Creative Agency

Operating for over 20 years,
Admark has become one of Melbourne’s most established, creative, independent advertising agencies.
We provide a warm welcome, experienced thinkers and a truly bespoke service. While we do everything you'd expect from a full service agency, we do so in a personalised and collaborative manner without the fluff.

RMIT University

Be True To You

Mission Foods


Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil

Pick Up The Parrot


Studio 315/87 Gladstone Street, South Melbourne, Vic 3205

Andrew Crook - Creative Director
M: 0405 768 771

David Llewellyn - Director
T: 03 9645 9577
M: 0439 036 929

The Admark leadership team

Admark is a mash up of a business consultancy and a creative agency.

We bring to our client's toughest challenges, the rigour and preparedness of a premier business consulting firm, with the spirit, courage and imagination of a world class advertising agency.

Between the staff we have a wealth of national, international and multinational advertising and marketing experience.

Andrew Crook-image

Andrew Crook

With boundless passion and enthusiasm for ideas that change the way clients do business, Andrew has an insatiable appetite for new influences and an eye for well-crafted work.


David Llewellyn-image

David Llewellyn

David worked with leading global management consultants and top tier Advertising and Marketing Agencies. David has spent the last decade with Wesfarmers in a transformational leadership roles at Officeworks, Target, and Coles.

Marisa Jones-image

Marisa Jones

Marisa has worked in communications for over 15 years with experience leading brand strategy and advertising campaigns across a broad range of industries.

Trevor Darby-image

Trevor Darby

Trevor is an art director with a wealth of design experience. He has worked with clients in every category from education, retail and healthcare. Trevor leads the design team.

D'arne Buckley-image

D'arne Buckley

D'arne is an accomplished Account Director who has worked in UK, Singapore and Australian agencies. D'arne has extensive retail and automotive experience on global brands.

John Douglas-image

John Douglas

John has a wealth of education experience.
He has worked on brand strategy, concept development and creative executions for some of Australia's leading tertiary institutions.

Cath Dight-image

Cath Dight

Cath leads our finance department. She's worked in the Marketing and media services sector for most of her career. More importantly Cath is a delight to deal with.

Nick McDonald-image

Nick McDonald

Nick is an award winning senior creative and writer. Nick has worked extensively in Europe, the Middle East and Australia for leading global agencies on both large multi national companies and brands.

Nick Weller-image

Nick Weller

Nick’s experience allows him to tackle any campaign project with a depth of strategic thinking built up over 20 years.
Nick believes in the power of complete campaign thinking and has skills in all multi-media disciplines.

Chris Rennie-image

Chris Rennie

Chris is a highly experienced editorial content director and digital strategist. He has led digital and content teams at Lonely Planet, Murdoch Publishing and CPA.

Scott Hall-image

Scott Hall

An accomplished digital UX designer and producer who has worked with many of Australia's largest brands. Recently head of Digital at a leading financial organisation.

Kane Gray-image

Kane Gray

With an impressive career spanning more that 20 years in the Graphic Arts industry, Kane has worked as a Production Manager with an extensive range of clients.


Some of the many brands we have worked with

Swimming Australia rebrands

Swimming Australia has appointed Admark to rebrand and deliver a new Brand Architecture.
We’ve been working with them since last year on a number of national events.
The most recent being the Australian Swimming Championships held
over Easter in Sydney.

We’re currently managing a series of brand workshops with an eye to reposition the sport to encourage participation within Australia.
This is to be completed later this year, in time for the Olympic Games held in Rio 2016. It’s a comprehensive task to be finished in record fast time.

Australian Age Swimming Championships AUST_Swim_300x402_V



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Content is now the king.

If video killed the radio star over thirty years ago, why has it taken so long for video to become the king?Peter Maddison content for RMIT

It’s really very simple. Consumers have always loved story telling with moving images. It’s just taken this long for the internet to deliver at the speeds consumers expect.

Now with 4G video streaming and high-resolution screen technology in the palm of your hand, today’s consumers prefer to watch than read.

Have you ever seen a teenager solve a problem? They watch a video. (Usually on their phone, which is rarely used to voice call people. That’s old fashioned!)

At Admark not only are we planning bespoke multi-channel content strategies, we are also shooting content for nearly all of our clients

This is all done with a broader brand purpose in mind.

Content savvy clients recognise that when you engage viewers they will share the video with others. They will spend longer on your website and more time interacting with your brand. For any social media campaign, any SEO exercise, video is without doubt one of the best tools in the advertising kit bag of tricks.

When it comes to potential reach, video is without peer. YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month – that’s more than any other channel. And with new content platforms popping up every month, the creative possibilities are endless.

A recent campaign we have completed for RMIT University has seen over 50,000 views for each of the films in a single month. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco*.

Samuel Johns

Samuel Johns – SEO Specialist Trip Advisor

Natalie Truong

Natalie Truong – Marketing Director Bank of Melbourne

Nick Nick McKenzie

Nick McKenzie – Fairfax and Four Corners Journalist

If you want to be a marketing star in your organisation, talk to us about your content strategy needs.

Then, let’s shoot some video. It kills any other medium.

*Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2014-2019 White Paper




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